27 Jun Shawarma Israeli “Tacos”

Food | Recipes   •  by: Chef Jamie  •  one response

I created this recipe when US Foods was having their Food Fanatics Food Show and asked me to do a 20 minute cooking demo with a dish based off of Israeli flavors, I was so excited.  I had to do some research of course because I wasn’t exactly educated in Isreali flavors.  After some research, […]

25 Jun Warm Vegetable Medley

Food | Healthy Corner | Recipes   •  by: Chef Jamie  •  3 responses

After encountering some health issues, I decided to change my diet a little and lay off the bread and dairy and start eating more vegetables.  I decided to start a relatively large outdoor vegetable growing project at home. After having great success with it, I always made sure to eat the as many of the […]

31 May Fetaberry Salad

Food | Healthy Corner | Recipes   •  by: Chef Jamie  •  5 responses

It is very hard to get excited about a salad.  However, I think this Fetaberry Salad may be an exception.  This salad is almost too beautiful to eat and if the colors and presentation alone do not get you excited, the flavors certainly will.  With the combination of the salty feta, the sweet fruit and […]

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